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About Our Dog Training Services
When we first got started we had some unique goals in mind. We wanted to provide a service that any dog in Tucson would love, while simultaneously making their parents feel absolutely secure in knowing their pets were in the best hands.

We started our dog training service without knowing what the future would bring, and yet here we are, a complete success with hundreds of happy pets and clients to our credit. We're more thrilled today than ever to help you, your family and your dog, achieve a level of compatibility, and friendship that makes your years together something to cherish.

A big part of our success was never wavering from a commitment to only use the best, researched techniques, the best personnel who offer the best service each and every time. Being a unique service provider in the Tucson area we're very conscious of our need to keep improving. We firmly believe it's this attitude of forward thinking that keeps our customers coming back and referring their friends. Your pet and family are special and unique, so your groomer needs to be equally special and unique. It's a special talent to transform a strong-willed dog into a tame, obedient companion. But that's why we're the best at what we do; because we love the challenge and truly get better each time we make a new furry friend. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions feel free to drop us a line.

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Caring Services for Every Pet

We fully understand that each pet is a unique individual. Taking care of the discipline needs of your pets is our primary concern. In many cases we've noted that "behavioral issues" can be overcome through the use of kind, sympathetic positive reinforcement techniques.

We combine extra gentle handling with a large dose of patience, in a calm, soothing environment that will turn your dog into a willing participant in their own training.