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Professional Dog Training Tucson
Professional Dog Training Tucson

Our success record speaks for itself - but we'll say it anyway - we run one of the best Professional Dog Training Schools in Tucson, and we're very proud of our clients, trainers and history.

You know it, and so do we, a  well-trained dog is a joy to have in the home. The stress that comes from having an upredictable dog is not fun, and thankfully unnecessary. Just like human beings, when a dog has a "job" to do it will enhance their self esteem, which in turn helps in the process of calming them.

These simple catalysts help to resolve many of the behavior problems dogs exhibit. This process of giving a dog a "job" to complete also encourages bonding between the trainer and the pet, which creates a healthy and loving relationship and lays the groundwork for future successful training.

We teach both dogs and their masters the techniques for guidance and encouragement that even the most Dog trainingstubborn pooch can understand. We are experts in the field of interpreting and controlling canine behavior. Our belief is that through positive reinforcement and gentle training, every dog can be trained to obey both simple and advanced commands. Your family can benefit from our experience, while we teach you how to become the leader of your pack!

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Training Services

We are very proud that all of our dog training methods are firmly based on positive reinforcement and gentle training tehcniques. Our focus isn't just to train your dog, we want to give you the skills you need to continue training your friend in months and years to come.

We understand that each dog is exceptional in its own way, and our dog obedience training uses a personality profile that helps to give us a unique perspective of your dog's personality and behavior.  We NEVER use shock devices, spray collars, electric fences or condone the use of any painful training devices. By the completion of our training your dog will follow your commands out of a desire to please you, not because they have to. We offer a variety to dog training options that include:

Commands Taught:
1. Come
2. Heel
3. Leave it (with food and objects)
4. Break time
5. Settle down
6. Quiet (no barking or whining)
7. Sit
8. Down
9. Off (eliminate jumping on people or things)

Training specialties:
Aggression control
Barking control
Crate training
Abuse rehabilitation
House training
Leash pulling
Introduction a new pet into the home
Separation anxiety
Pool & car safety
Snake & toad safety
And more!

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